Pride and Prejudice (B1)

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Level B1 (Intermediate)
Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen
(12 Units)


In the countryside of early 19th Century England, Mrs. Bennet worries for her five daughters. Each must find a husband or face a life of poverty. Without money or high social status, the young women may struggle to find good husbands. However, when news arrives that a wealthy single gentleman has moved into the area, Mrs. Bennet’s mood lifts. She will do everything she can to help her daughters marry rich men, whether they want her help or not…


In 2003, Jane Austen’s classic love story, Pride and Prejudice, was voted the UK’s second most popular novel, despite being published over 200 years ago in 1813.

It has been made into TV series and movies, including a 2005 Hollywood film starring Keira Knightley.

With themes of love, marriage, family, first impressions, scandal, money, social class, manners, arrogance, pride, and forgiveness, this course will never leave you short of topics for discussion!

This 12-unit course, suitable for intermediate-level students, will help you with your vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency.

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